Pillars of Impact

We focus on four pillars of impact: refugees, poverty alleviation, local outreach and disaster relief. Our dedicated programs assist refugees in rebuilding their lives, address the root causes of poverty, and engage in local initiatives that make a positive difference in our communities.


Forced to flee their homes due to conflict, disaster, or persecution, refugees face a future filled with uncertainty. Stripped of their familiar environment and community, they must navigate a new reality where basic needs like food, shelter, and safety are difficult to secure.

Poverty Alleviation

Equipping & Empowering through Enterprise

People in third world nations repeatedly say their greatest need is not food, nor shelter, or

health care. Their greatest need is employment. Many women in developing nations are vulnerable and fall prey to prostitution, sex trafficking and loan sharks in an effort to feed their children. LMI have helped women start small businesses in fourteen different nations. You can help start a business today for less than $150 resulting in a family being able to provide for their everyday basic needs.

Local Outreach

We care about the needs of our local community.

One immediate need we see is bringing hope and encouragement to so many of our youth who are often anxious, depressed, involved in self-harm and even suicidal. LMI is hosting events designed to bring hope and healing to Gen Z. We offer discipleship classes, outreaches and a summer camp designed to strengthen their sense of self worth as well as their relationship with Jesus and others.

Disaster Relief

In times of crisis, LMI rapidly mobilizes dedicated teams and essential resources. Our compassionate volunteers provide crucial aid to victims of hurricanes, wildfires, tornados, and floods, offering hope and rebuilding lives worldwide.